FliteStream T-220 System

• Enjoy seamless high-speed connectivity from the
moment you step on board the aircraft to when you land
at your destination.
• Browse the internet, send and receive emails, make calls
using Voice-Over-IP (VoIP), access VPN services,
conduct video conferences, enjoy your favorite work or
entertainment applications.
• Enjoy hundreds of channels of Direct Broadcast Service
television (DBS-TV).
• Provides dual capability of receiving both DBS-TV
and broadband internet connectivity in a single antenna
• Highest performing tail mount Ku band SATCOM
antenna system critical for low angle satellite coverage
while flying at higher latitudes.
• Works seamlessly with laptops, tablets, and smart
• Satellite tracking design allows for full continuous
motion in azimuth and -0 to +90 degree motion in
elevation. Provides full reception performance during
aircraft flight maneuvers, even at higher latitudes.
• Antenna is mounted externally to the aircraft under a
protective radome enclosure located on the aircraft tail.


With Ku band satellite coverage, you can operate globally
without settling for less.


With Panasonic eXTV, you can enjoy live TV worldwide
even over the ocean unlike DBS-TV. DBS-TV satellite
transmissions only operate over land masses. eXTV will
provide live news and sports worldwide to keep you
informed and entertained!


Power: +28 VDC
Control Interface: Ethernet
Navigation Interface: ARINC 429
Discrete Interface: WOW, Flap Position
T-220 system is composed of 5 aircraft LRU’s:
1. Antenna (GImbal Antenna Unit - GAU).
2. Antenna Control & Modem Unit (ACMU).
3. Low Power Tranceiver (LPT)
4. Power Amplifier Unit (PAU)
5. Diplexer
• RTCA DO-160 & RTCA/DO-178 compliant
• Design based on proven technology used
on multiple aircraft types.
GAU Aperture Size: 29cm
EIRP: 41.9 dBW (25W PAU)
G/T (150K Sky Temperature): 11.5 dB/K @ 12.75 GHz
Receive Frequency: 10.7 GHz to 12.75 GHz
Transmit Frequency: 13.75 GHz to 14.5 GHz
Polarization: Linear Tx/Dual Pol Rx, Dual Pol Circular Rx
Cross Polarization Rejection: 20 dB
Polarization Control: 450±1050


Field of View:
Azimuth (continuous): 3600
Elevation: +900 to -00
Roll, Pitch, Heading Rates of Change: >7.00 / Second
Roll, Pitch, Heading Acceleration:
>7.00 / Second / Second
Pointing Accuracy: <0.20
Weight (w/o power amplifier):
GAU (Antenna): 23.5 Lbs.
ACMU: 14.5 Lbs. (ARINC 600 - 4 MCU)
Diplexer: 0.2 Lbs
Power (w/o power amplifier): <150 Watts on average
GAU Operating Temperature: -550 to +700 C
ACMU Operating Temperature: -200 to +700 C
Modes of Operation: Pointing, BIT, Stowage, Maint.
PAU Power: 25W
LPT Operating Temperature: -400C to +700C
PAU Operating Temperature: -550C to +700C
LPT Weight: 13 Lbs. (ARINC 600 - 3 MCU)
PAU Weight: 8.6 Lbs.
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