FlexiBus Series Databus Analyzers

The FlexiBus (FB) product line provides testing of ARINC 429, 561, and 568 communication busses for testing of modern generation aircraft systems.  The units are hand-held, lightweight, and are battery operated to make them portable and user friendly.  The FB Series provides features and capabilities not found in previous hand-held ARINC 429 databus analyzers.  The FB series is available in a variety of configurations to meet various testing requirements.


ARINC 429/561/568 Databus Analyzers
• Displays ARINC 429, 561, and 568 data in Engineering or Hex formats – Label definitions can be modified by user
• Up to 60 user tables allow storage and recall of commonly used transmitted words
• Transmits up to 50 labels – TX parameters are programmable (Freq., Bit count, Duty Cycle, etc.)
• Receives up to 1024 label/SDI combinations
• FB available in multiple TX and RX versions
• Ni-MH Battery provides operation up to 24 hours – rapid re-charge, 95% capacity after 1.5 hours of charge
• Traps and stores up to 3500 ARINC 429/561 labels
• Large 4 line x 16 character LCD display with EL backlight and keypad-controlled contrast

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