Flight Line Maintenance Test Set (FLMTS)

FLMTS Salient Features


• Flight Line Maintenance Test Test Set (FLMTS) is a rugged, self-contained flight line test system used to accurately simulate in flight pressure conditions by precisely controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressure to aircraft’s pitot-static system.

• FLMTS can be used to test, certify, calibrate and troubleshoot aircraft pitot-static systems or associated pneumatic flight control systems. The accuracy and operational capabilities meet test requirements for military as well as commercial aircraft.

• FLMTS models are generally calibrated on a 6 month cycle to maintain accuracy.

• An available Remote Control Unit (RCU) (not shown), allows for operation of the test set from the cockpit. Remote operation reduces manpower requirements, damage to instruments, and decreases testing times. (P/N: 18910470000 P/N: TVCS-9003)

• This model features a NATO approved Fiberglass case

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