TTU-205J Air Data Test Set

The TTU-205J Pressure Temperature Test Set is the current model of the TTU-205 Series. The USAF has standardized all TTU-205D, G, H and H models to the TTU-205J configuration. The TTU-205J is a rugged, self-contained flight line or hangar test system used to accurately simulate in flight pressure conditions by precisely controlling and measuring Altitude and Airspeed pressure to aircraft’s pitot-static system. The TTU-205 can be used to test, certify, calibrate, and troubleshoot aircraft pitot-static systems or associated pneumatic flight control systems. The dual channel operation allows operators to perform dynamic, qualitative calibration and leak test for on ground simulation of altitude and airspeed pressures. The accuracy and operational capabilities meets and/or exceed test requirements for both military and commercial aircraft platforms.


• Automatic Calibration: TestVonics TTU-205J features reduced warm up times and eliminates pressure stability problems. No longer are operators required to power down the tester during calibration runs.

• RVSM Compliance: TTU-205J improves transducer calibrations allowing for full RVSM compliance. Automated Calibration Software provides for auto correction curve fits within 0.001 InHg.

• Reduced Support Costs: The TTU-205J reduces calibration touch labor by up to 90%using TestVonics Automated Enhanced Calibration Capability (ECC) software1. ECC provides in-country test and calibration capability.

• Upgrade Kits are available to convert TTU-205D, F, G, and H models to the TTU-205J configuration and provide for RVSM testing capability. Contact TestVonics for more information on upgrades.

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