Surface Standard Series

Surface standards aid the user by providing a good reference point before beginning any inspection procedure. The steel standards can also be used for with the Hocking Weldscan probes.

Standard Features:
.004” notch width
Certs on notches and material


Notch Depths in Standard Units

Material Type            Part No.
2024-T3                    RS0824-2024T3
4340                         RS0824-4340
6AL4V                       RS0824-T6AL4V
304                           RS0824-304L


Notch Depths in Metric Units

Material Type                   Part No.
2024-T3                           RS0512M-2024T3
4340                                RS0512M-4340
6AL4V                              RS0512M-T6AL4V
304                                  RS0512M-304L
Inconel                            RS0512M-I600
Magnesium                      RS0512M-MAG
Bronze-Alum 13%IACS    RS0512M-BA13

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