Speed Sensors

Magnetic speed sensors, designed by HARCO, convert motion into an electrical signal without the need for external power. Housed in a one-piece, lightweight, stainless steel assembly, our speed sensors provide extremely high accuracy and have no moving parts. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality standards, they are well-suited to harsh environment operation.


  • High Positional Accuracy
  • Wide Speed Range
  • Harsh Environment Operation
  • Extended Temperature Range
  • High Shock Resistance
  • No Moving Parts/External Power Source
  • Easy Installation
  • Low-Cost Redundancy/Maintenance


HARCO speed sensors are used in gas turbine engines and gearbox assemblies in commercial and military aircraft. They are also equally suited for many industrial applications where harsh environments are expected. Typical applications include:

  • Engine RPM
  • Transmission Speed
  • Multiple Engine Synchronization
  • Engine Control Feedback
  • Crankshaft Position Timing
  • Wheel Speed
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