External temperature sensor

Harco manufactures three versions of Outside Air Temperature Sensors (OAT). The OAT Sensors are designed and fabricated to stringent standards utilizing integrated 3D modeling, comprehensive in-house aerodynamic test and evaluation facilities, and specialized manufacturing processes that include customized fine wire winding of sensing elements. OATs are a cost effective replacement for Total Air Temperature (TAT) sensors.

Features & Benefits

The following pertains to part number 100366-XX shown:

  • Non-de-iced Fuselage Mount (formation of ice inhibited by aerodynamic design)
  • Rugged, Hermetically Sealed Construction
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Low Excitation Current
  • No Moving Parts
  • DO-160 Environmental Compliance
  • Custom Configurations
  • Tip-sensitive Measurement (avoids the boundary layer)
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