Static Ports

Use of our Dual Static Ports reduces the number of components required on the aircraft to meet RVSM requirements. They provide a Dual Cross-Connected Static Source which provides a cost effective light weight solution with built in redundancy. The Dual Static Ports utilize an innovative application of solid state electronics to deliver heat for de-icing surfaces and extending the reliability and operational lifetime of the unit. HARCO has tested its static ports in an icing wind tunnel to prove compliance with the TSO-C16a and BS2G.

Features & Benefits

  • Light weight - 0.7 lbs. max
  • Dual Static Pressure Sensors
  • De-Iced (two indipendent heaters)
  • Optional heater monitoring outputs
  • Longer heater operating lifetime utilizing solid state heaters
  • 28VDC (2.5 ampere maximum to each heater)
  • Hardware certified to DO160E
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