Pitot Probes

HARCO offers pitot, pitot static and pitot/angle-of-attack probes to help you design the air data system meeting your configuration and performance needs. We've applied out patented SIMx" material to the pitot de-icing heaters, which has the benefit of extending the operational lifetime of this assembly. In addition, special hydrophobic coatings are applied to the surface to enhance its performance in icing conditions. The use of light weight materials is made possible by proprietary forming techniques for the joining of dissimilar metallic product components. Probes may be configured as stand alone with pneumatic outputs to the Air Data Computer, or they may integrate the computing function and eliminate the pneumatic connection.

Features & Benefits

The following pertains to part number 100564-XX shown:

  • Light weight - 1.75 lbs. max
  • De-Iced (TSO-C16)
  • Fully supported heater monitoring and control functions
  • Longer heater operating lifetime when SIMx is utilized
  • 28VDC (9.0 ampere maximum)
  • Integrated computing function option (TSO-C106)
  • Software certified to DO178B level B
  • Hardware certified to DO160E
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