ADTS-3100 Air Data Test Set

ADTS-3100 Flight Line Air Data Test Set


TestVonics ADTS-3100 Test Set is a portable, lightweight, high precision, dual channel air data pressure management system. The test set is designed to test, verify and troubleshoot air data instrumentation and aircraft Pitot-Static systems. The test set is designed primarily for hanger, ramp or flight line environment. The ADTS-3100 can be set up for a wide range commercial and military aircraft. Base line configurations provide for low, mid and high operation. Operational limits for altitude, airspeed and rates can be implemented at no additional charge to the customer.




The ADTS-3100 features a brilliant 8.4-inch transflective, highbright ruggedized LCD display. The display features an optically bonded resistive touchscreen and adjustable LED backlighting, which provide optimal visualization and increase viewing angle in direct sunlight. The test set can be operated using the integrated touchscreen. Inputs can be made using a finger, gloved hand or with the tethered stylus. The system is enclosed in a ruggedized crushproof, container. It features easy open latches, automatic pressure equalization valve, and a comfortable rubber overmolded handle. Additionally, test sets can be provided with a retractable handle and wheel assembly. Either configuration allows for easy one person transport. The test set operates off of universal AC power over a wide range of input (90-260VAC, 45-440 Hz power).

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