ADTS-3350 Air Data Test Set

ADTS-3350 Flight Line Air Data Test Set


TestVonics ADTS-3350 Test Set is a portable, high precision, dual channel air data pressure management system. This tester is designed to calibrate, test and troubleshoot air data instrumentation and aircraft pitot-static systems. The test set has been designed with functional and reliability features highly suited to withstand the harsh environmental and demanding conditions of the flight line environment. The test set is designed for testing a wide range of commercial and military aircraft, both rotary and fixed wing. The ADTS-3350 accuracy complies with standards for RVSM.




The ADTS-3350 features a brilliant 8.4-inch transflective, high-bright ruggedized LCD display. The display features an optically bonded resistive touchscreen and adjustable LED backlighting, which provide optimal visualization and increase viewing angle in direct sunlight. The backlit keypad is used to control the test set and can be operated using gloves or mittens. The ruggedized case features recessed hardware and wheels and a retractable handle for easy one person transport. The test set operates using a wide range of input power (90-260 VAC, 45-440 Hz power) making it ideally suited for the varying hangar, ramp and flight line power sources.

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